Our Technology

The Four Key Concepts of Star Arcade Technology



Own an iPhone but all your buddies have Android devices? No problem! Our unique gaming platform enables real-time competitive play on multiple devices across all major platforms. We support real-time multi-player gaming on platforms such as Facebook, iOS, Android, Windows Phone and many more.


Real-Time Multiplayer

Play anyone, anywhere, anytime… live! Star Arcade games connect mobile gamers across all devices and social networks in real-time. Try them out now and immerse yourself in a true multi-player experience.

No matter where in the world you and your opponent play, Star Arcade delivers a real-time multiplayer experience between all devices.


Cloud Gaming

The Cloud is the future. Start your game in Facebook and continue on your iPad. All Star Arcade games run in a cloud environment, allowing you to seamlessly jump from one device to another without compromising your gaming experience.



Star Arcade's platform provides a truly unique real-time multiplayer tournament platform for mobile and web games. Our platform enables us to easily to add any type of competition to our skill based games so users can compete against each other for top scores, achievements, virtual gold and other benefits.