Diamonds Paradise

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Pack of bees was looking for a perfect place to build their nest on. Accidentally they happen to fly over this tropical island, which looked just perfect. The island was filled with shiny diamonds, which were extremely handy in nest building.

The only problem was that another pack of bees showed up also onto the same island and there weren’t enough diamonds for both packs to build their nests with. Atmosphere on the island was getting tense.

This is where you come in picture. Will you help the hardworking bees to capture the diamonds and the area to build their nest on? Buzz is on!



Conquer the gaming area filled with diamonds and become the ruler of Diamonds Paradise. Sweep as long diamond chains as you can and simultaneously make it difficult to your opponent to create a chain. Diamonds Paradise is the relaxing sweep-all-you-can sister of Diamonds Capture. The game strategy is basically the same, capture a large enough area to win, but the gaming area is now in honeycomb formation making it possible to create inventive combos. Be the first to capture 55% of the comb and rule the leader board.

We added several special items to Diamonds Paradise, which you can now utilize by purchasing them from the in-app shop of the game. You can now embellish your gaming board with different kinds of themes available also in the in-app shop.